Maximize Speed in VMware Converter 5

When converting physical or virtual machines, VMware Converter 5 can be extremely slow. I had a 260 GB physical Windows 2003 box in a P2V job that was estimated to last 9 days. Yikes. The transfer rate was a running- in-mud 440 kbps.

By default, the converter is encrypting data during the conversion. This is the main problem with the speed. The other adjustment I made was changing the conversion job settings to thin provision the new virtual disks. By combining the two changes, throughput for the job increased from 440 KBps to between 15-21 MBps and dropped the duration from 216 hours to 5.

To turn off encryption in VMware Converter 5:
Optional tool: Microsoft XML Notepad 2007. This makes it much easier to find the specific entry in the XML file.

  1. Stop any running conversions
  2. Find the converter-worker.xml file.  (%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone/)
  3. Open the file with Microsoft XML Notepad
  4. Edit the following key. Change to “false”

Remove Encryption

5. Save the file.
6. Restart the “VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Worker” service


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  1. hi, tried it already, but I still have 5% of 1GBit network load. Source is a ml350g6 physical. Destination is a ml350g5 with 8x 10k in raid5. 2 hours searching dr. google lead to the fact, that all people in the world seem to suffer from that converter. BUT I didn’t have these perfomance issues before (on other, but identical hardware). So I’m very confused why suddenly this thing got stuck. Any idea? Thanx in advance!


  1. Optimizing P2V Conversions with VMware Converter Stand Alone 5.5.3 |

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