No Network Connectivity after Windows Server 2003 P2V Conversion

I spent way too much time on this one. It’s great to clean up the datacenter and fill the dumpster, uh… I mean the electronics recycle bin with old hardware running Windows Server 2003. What isn’t great is trying to find year’s old fixes for that late-sometimes great operating system.

After the successful P2V conversion the network card on the virtualized server couldn’t send or receive any packets. I verified the vDS port groups, IP settings and route tables. I tried removing/adding different vNICs. I even removed some software from the server hoping one of those was messing with the internet connection. I reset the TCP/IP stack and Winsock, no difference.

Once I was relatively sure it wasn’t a VMware problem, I found this from Microsoft:

Turns out if the IPSEC service isn’t running, all packets will be blocked from entering or leaving the NIC. And this little gem: If a registry key is missing, IPSEC won’t start. When comparing the physical server to its virtual clone, the registry key was indeed missing, but IPSEC was able to start anyway.

The fix: Verify the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\IPSec\Policy\Local

If the key is there, delete it. If it isn’t just go on to the next step. In my case, there was no key.

·  Rebuild a new local policy store. To do this, Click Start, click Run, type regsvr32 polstore.dll in the Open box, and then click OK.

·  Verify that the IPSEC Services component is set to automatic, and then restart the server.

Once the server was restarted the network connected.

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3 replies

  1. Worked like a charm – thanks for the good write-up!

  2. my friend thank you very much for this article..hello from turkey

  3. thanks, piece of cake… there is also an executable that does the same

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