Upgrading VMware Horizon View to Version 6.x – Lists and Fixes

Upgrading a VMware Horizon View environment from 5.3 to 6.01 is straight forward. I created the checklist (at the end of this entry) that is just a subset of the one VMware provides, it’s just shorter and more concise. The VMware provided documentation on this process is good, but there are a couple of things that may get in your way. I ran into these during the View 5.3 installation/upgrades also.

1. The Prepare for Upgrade or Re-installation command for the security servers is greyed out in the View Administrator site. This is a bummer. I ran into it during one of the upgrades in the 5.x series and wrote about it here. When this is greyed out, I manually ran the following process to get the Security Server to upgrade.
– Log into The Connection Server that the Security Server is paired to.
– Go to the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security section in Server Manager
– Delete any rule that exists in the Connection Security Rules section. There should only be one.
– Run the Horizon 6.x installation again on the Security Server. It will either work or…
2. The Security Server can’t connect with the Connection Server, Error 28083
– This is caused by a VMware rule on the Connection Server set to BLOCK. (VMware Horizon View Connection Server    (ADAMINSTALL-In) in the INBOUND Rules section). Right click the rule, go to properties and set it to ALLOW.

firewall-rule  fwrule2
– Once the Security and Connection server bind, you can set this rule back to Block. Or not.
3. Keep in mind that if you get stuck during the Security Server installation and make the prior mentioned fixes, start the installation over—AND—reset the Pairing Password in the Connection Server section of the View Administrator console. The pairing password will continue to fail regardless of the timeout specification if any firewall rule changes are made.

Beyond that, the upgrade went fine. I’m sure I’ll be back here when I upgrade again, so in advance, Thanks Me.

Upgrading Horizon View from 5.3 to 6 Checklist
I. Preparation
1. Snapshot View Composer Server
2. Snapshot View Connection Servers
3. Snapshot View Security Servers
4. Backup vCenter database
5. Backup View Composer database
6. Delete testing desktop pools (optional)
7. Disable provisioning on all pools
8. Change all pools set to refresh at logoff to NEVER.
9. Remove current IPsec rules between Connection and Security Servers
– In View Administrator, click View Configuration–>Servers
– In the Security Servers tab, select a security server and click More Commands > Prepare for Upgrade or Reinstallation
– This action will stop all communications between Security and Connection Servers IMMMEDIATELY, IPsec rules are removed
II. Upgrade Sequence
1. View Composer Server
– Run Installer
– Have the database credentials ready

2. View Connection Servers
3. View Security Servers
4. Install new GPO templates to Domain Controllers
5. vCenter Upgrade or Updates (OPTIONAL, not needed unless it’s a version upgrade)
6. ESXi Hosts (OPTIONAL, not needed unless it’s a version upgrade)
7. RDSH Hosts to Windows Server 2008 R2 or beyond (Only if publishing applications)
8. Upgrade View Agents on current pools
9. Verify View Agent Upgrade through View Admin interface (all VMs should have the new Agent version)
10. Upgrade View Agent on current templates
11. Turn provisioning back on
12. Turn refresh back on for clones


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