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Windows Empire Defeated by Jeff’s Mom

My parents weren’t big fans of computers, cell phones or HDTV in the mid 2000’s. Neither of them wanted computers and couldn’t see the value in having one. What made them cave was the enticing smorgasbord of information and communication…. Read More ›

Basic Wireless Network Setup

Basic Wireless Network In this diagram you can see the physical and wireless connections of a basic network. A network cable connects the Internet to the cable modem or the DSL router (this is the equipment your Internet Service Provider installs)…. Read More ›

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Using the Internet for phone service has been around for a long time. VOIP allows voice data to travel over the Internet instead of through the old POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines. This will save you a ton of… Read More ›

Add a Network Bridge

You’ve got the wireless connection going but you’ve got some devices in another room that don’t have wireless network cards. You can extend your wireless network and NOT buy wireless network cards by installing a bridge. Connect the following with… Read More ›

Add Network Storage

The concept here is simple. Attach storage directly to the network so all stations can access it. This is called NAS (Network Accessible Storage) or DAS (Direct Attached Storage) and it is a must if you plan on collecting and/or… Read More ›

Music on the Cheap

So there I am staring at my 1000+ cassette tapes and thinking, “What the hell am I going to do with all these now?”.  Like Shawn and Ed frantically sorting through an old crate of albums, desperately hurling the expendable ones as weapons… Read More ›

Default Password List

I’ve got a couple questions recently on what the default passwords are to the most common wireless routers. Once you reset them and reconnect,  you’ll be asked for a login and password. If you don’t have the original documentation and… Read More ›