Internet Checks

Test your Internet connection speed at Test your current Internet speed, verify your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and your IP address
Test your Internet connection quality at Test your Internet connection quality, high jitter means choppy online gaming and phone calls.

Online Scanners

Shields Up! – A basic firewall scanner shows your internet exposure.

Leak Test – (Not as dirty as it sounds) This scans the integrity of your outbound firewall. Tests to see if any malware could communicate with its host if you were infected. This is kind of a big deal because most software firewalls advertise that they will stop bad outbound traffic, including the embedded firewall in Windows 7.

Bit Defender – Online scanner should find and remove any active viruses and malware

House Call – A very popular and reliable online virus scanner from Trend Micro

Remote Control – Help someone out or get help. Click the Share button on the web page and follow the instructions. It will ask you to Run a small application that uninstalls when the session is done. Very easy and convenient.

Log Me In – Reliable alternate entry into your home lab.

Wireless Router Emulators

Use these emulators to practice on your router before making any changes

Sky Angel – Find most old and new wireless routers here.

Netgear Emulators

D-Link Emulators

Check Exchange Server Remote Connectivity

ActiveSync, OWA an Autodiscover confirmation page

Mail Server Diagnostics

MX Toolbox

Blacklist Checker

Find DNS Records

Bootable Flash Drive

UNetbootin – Create a bootable flash drive in minutes. All you need is the ISO file…and a flash drive. Der.

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